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Investing for your kids

The best investment for your children is to ensure you have a secure financial future.
If you are financially secure, it means you’re happy and able to provide a stress-free loving environment in which your children can thrive. I know it sounds a bit selfish, but you are the most important factor in your children’s development; far more important than having a nest egg.

But if you do have yourself covered, giving your kids a financial head start can be a terrific idea.

Back in the old days it was the old endowment insurance policy. Parents would answer the knock on the door from the life insurance salesman who would extol the virtues of how a few dollars a week, contributed to the policy, would set up your child for life when it matured on their 21st birthday.

Naturally you would be constantly reminded of this little nest egg while growing up, and as the magic day approached your thoughts would wander to what you would spend this massive amount or money on… a new car, a house maybe!

It wasn’t until the cheque arrived that you became aware of the poor investment returns and high fees involved in this type of investment.

sumary and opinion

If you have a good financial, use to create children’s insurance. Because this child’s insurance is an investment for the future of your children. We know that every year the higher education prices, insurance cover for menjaga-jaga from the bad things that happen in the future will be.

source : http://au.pfinance.yahoo.com/education/investing/article/-/17789488/investing-for-your-kids/



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